SAHVIA Group is an Innovative company established in the year of 2018 by Mr. Ahmed Ali Sumair. We are involved in all type of facade design services, Lighting consulting services and Signage and Wayfinding design services. We have regular clients from India, Vietnam and our office is located at India, Vietnam, Singapore, UAE and Saudi Arabia.

The design of architectural components & systems requires advanced methodology hence we need specialized architects and engineers. Our team comprised of professionals with a diverse range of technical skills and decades of hands-on experience in the Architectural, facade & lighting industry. We are working with prestigious, developers, architects, and consultants around the world.

As a member of your team, we provide an in-depth understanding of building physics and extensive knowledge of the structure. We strive to exceed expectations by providing practical, creative, and enduring solutions to your construction and design needs. We would not only make the right choice of material and lighting fixture at the concept stage but also our leading edge-engineers will optimize these designs and apply their vast experience to develop these solutions into practical working details.

Having in-house Architects, Engineers and designers, we play upper hand in providing a well planned and sustainable facades with the integration of lighting solutions to avoid any further difficulties to the client at the time of construction.