We consider that lighting design should be approached as an integral part of the whole design process and with this in mind we aim to work in a collaborative manner and are proactive in the way we work with our clients and the wider design team. The practice also provides consultancy and technical advice on specific issues or to other design professionals for example technical support to artists or advice to avoid or mitigate light pollution or light trespass.

Most lighting projects are intended to enhance the spaces we occupy and to provide practical lighting for tasks and day to day living. Lighting design is therefore about understanding how people use space and how this space can be enhanced by our work. Our methodology includes analysis of our clients aspirations, how space is intended to be used and who will be using it. It is a fundamental philosophy guiding our work that lighting is for and foremost about people.

As designers for more complex design challenges we favour using trials, tests and mock-ups to inform our design work. This enables us to ensure that we have identified an approach that will deliver the best results possible. In particular this is a useful tool to investigate the intangible and unpredictable nature of light in its interactions with the materials and structures to be lit. The use of practical trials assist us to deliver the most attractive, exciting and practical results whilst also enabling us to demonstrate our techniques and proposals to our clients and other design team members.

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