Lighting Design


As well as the water, the light is an essential component of life and as such plays a primary role in the cycle of human activity, linked to architecture and its function. With this premise, we can introduce the basic concept of artificial evening lighting because it allows to extend human activity beyond the normal daily light cycle, allowing us to increase the consequent commercial activity, without disappearing in the darkness of the night.

In this regard, it is extremely important to know how to do it with class, experience and elegance. Lighting design, like architectural design, is an expressive and compositional means of visual communication, that cannot be overlooked.
It skillfully connects volumes and geometries, through the harmonious rhythmic use of light and shadow, contributing with its perfection to urban and territorial development. More than a simple language we could define it as a true poem, made up of artistic inspiration, and emotion.

The importance of faithfully translating luminous poetry into a constructive work also requires mastery, technical knowledge and adequate experience in order to achieve the best result.

We at SAHVIA consultancy do all this with passion, combining together with our long experience, art, technique and technological innovation, giving the architectural project a real added value.

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